Salem's Attic

Click here for tools for sale from the venerable Orlando, Florida barber shop known for 50 years as "Joe's BS".
The shop is changing hands after 50 years, so the tools that decorated the place are now for sale right here at Salem's Attic.
Each tool picture has a number in it. If you are interested in a tool please send us an email referencing the number and we will endeavor to quote a price for you. Many of these tools are quite heavy, so if you are interested in a set of them it will be a lot cheaper to buy them in one go and have one shipment. Send us a note!

Coins and Curiosities to collect and enjoy are Salem's Attic specialties

Finally this is the Salem's Attic online store!

You will still find some of our auctions on eBay. We are working to get more items up in this store. If you are looking for something specific, please e-mail us at

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Did you know there are Salems in many different states? Salem's Attic refers to Salem, Massachusetts and Salem, Connecticut. The snake in our logo is the "Do Not Tread On Me" snake of Revolutionary War fame. The apostrophe is a witch's hat in memory of the infamous Salem, Massachusetts witch trials. The scarlet A is from Nathanial Hawthorne's "Scarlet Letter" - written in or around Salem, Massachusetts - and the ship (a two-masted bark) recognizes Salem's nautical past. The attic is actually in Salem, Connecticut.

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